I'm Pranav Raikote,
Deep Learning Practitioner

Working on exciting things to make a difference to this world

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Passionate and enthusiastic individual who aims to build products and applications for the technology accelerated world. Looking forward to solving interesting problems..

I specialize in building end to end solutions in Image, Text and Time-Series domains. I love biking, reading books, clicking photographs, and cooking in my free time. Always open for collaborations and mentoring.

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Advanced Lane Detection - Driverless Cars

Coming Soon...

Image Caption Generator

Generate Captions for a given Input Image

COVID - 19 Detection

3 way Image Classifier for COVID-19, Viral Pnuemonia and Normal Chest X-Ray scans

Generative Adversarial Network

Generating new samples of MNIST numbers

Sign Language Interpretation

Conversion of the sign by deaf and dumb people into text phrases and generation of video of the sign given a text. Developed for eliminating the middle man in 2 way communication between 2 handicapped persons

Lane Detection - Driverless Cars

Low Latency solution for detecting Lanes on any given road. Potential to be deployed on phones for real-time usage like Lane Departure Warnings

Pneumonia Detection

Early detection of Pneumonia using Chest X-Ray scans

Brain Tumor Detection

Identifying the area and the extent of brain tumor in MRI Images


Text extraction & Data cleaning from images in public interest

Speech Emotion Recognition

Recognizing the gender and emotion of any given speech recording

Image Processing Algorithms

Implementation of various basic and fundamental Image Processing Algorithms

Machine Learning Algorithms

Implementation of core Machine Learning Algorithms

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